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The Small Details

Allow us to make those small details big. We are here to help make sure any and all details are attended to and that your day is smooth and full of the celebration it deserves.

Sylvester Jr. & Dominque Johnson

Thank you for being our coordinator. We only hired you for day of coordination, but you did way more. Checking on us before time, months in advance, doing things that weren't in your job description, we really appreciate it. I know for a fact nothing would've ran the way it did without you there. You made things easy for us. I'm soooo glad we found you. Thank you. 

Jasmine Barnes

Hiring Kyanta to serve as Day Coordniator for our holiday gala was one of the best decisions we could have made! Kyanta was so professional! Her attention to detail is unmatched! I literally could think of things as they come up and would reach out to find that she has already thought about it and had it handled!
This most recent holiday gala is the first time I've had the luxury of stepping away with no worries for an event that I'm responsible for with no worries. Kyanta's professionalism, attention to detail and organization made me feel comfortable enough to just enjoy the night and for that I'm so grateful for her. I will most definitely continue using her in the future!

De'Lisha Lowery

Kyanta was amazing from the day she was hired until the reception was over. I have been in many weddings but I have never seen the bride able to relax and not worry about a thing, but Courtney did. Things were in order from start to finish, and if something went wrong, you couldn't tell. Everything was planned and organized so beautifully. Not only did she help with the planning, she also helped coordinate the ceremony. The day was absolutely amazing and I don't believe anyone could have done a better job than Kyanta! Thank you for ensuring that Courtney was not stressed and for ensuring her dream wedding became a reality. You are absolutely amazing!
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